the bark and the tree

just You and me, your devotee

close as the bark and the Tree


your secret keeper

your daughter, yet deeper


you were all of everything

all the songs I dreamed to sing


You gave your self as did I

surely, none of this could ever Die


yet here You are not, and I thought I was there

to whom shall we allot the most solitude to bear


I wish it was translucently clear

You are the wound most raw and dear


all that is seen is the dark hole we Both left

the truth is that it too was a theft


i wish it were simpler, much less complex

not this empty tormenting mess


for the longing is much but most of all

simply an unexpected phone call


the question hangs, who is to blame

a mountain of unanswered…let’s just say game


for sparing feelings and hiding pain

is the game we play, again and again




thing is

                                                           thing  is



isn’t  that bad

shouldn’t be sad


the things said

made of air and lead

as iron melts

on a psyche dead


first ears then heart


go away go away

things said are true today


a joke this is! laughable?

the whole lot? all of it!

a joke of time, heart and spit?


where is the sound

their are no laughs

perhaps lost all senses

perhaps lost all past




everyone knows

it’ll eventually lose it






life and living

delicate dreams

caring and carrying

balancing bullshit


everyone knows it

it’s going to drop it

thing is

it knows

it’ll probably brake it


as simple as strings

how hard it clings

thing is

it knows

it’ll probably erase it


hearing hears as hearing hears

breaking is as breaking brakes

does it smell like vanilla or packaged drops

of stifled words and aching rocks


an iron pot

of pop rocks and rot







can one fix a wooden heart?

perhaps if it knew where to start

a potion maybe? too many already



it has not yet lost

still intact

firm as frost


thing is

it still loves you see


it still hears, breaks and spits


it will try and try

to not to knot

brake, damage, loose or drop


it will try to carry

try to care

till it dies

of ache or air





when you went

when you went

any preparation I foolishly thought I might have

no matter how perfect or imperfect we were

no matter the time lost

no matter the distance in space or heart or mind

a black hole swallowed me whole

to a place with no time

were no reason exists

regardless of circumstances


regardless of any pain of any kind

regardless of everything that was and everything that was not

nothing compared to the torment

of the realisation that


I could not get into my car and drive to your door

and be loved by you once more